2017 Malindang Enduro Fertig Hills, Tangub City

We at Misamis Occidental Association of Bikers (MOAB) Inc., would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all supreme riders who participated in our two events. It is our utmost hope that you fully enjoyed yourselves out there in the trails; stage after stage, course after course. Many thanks fellow bikers for your ardent support and friendship, we hope to see you soon in your hosted events and our future competitions too. We would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the overwhelming support and dedication of the Local Government Unit of Tangub City headed by Mayor Philip Tan and his equally supportive wife, Ma’am Jennifer Tan / Jennifer Tan Due to your extreme generosity and significant assistance, we were able to successfully conclude the two events. Thank you very much for helping us promote and advocate Fertig Hills as a prime spot for Enduro riders as well as many thanks for indulging us on our love for our bikes. Thank you, once again, Mayor Philip and Ma’am Jenny, we truly appreciate your efforts and our earnest respects! To all our sponsors, many many thanks for your generosity. Also, our deepest gratitude and appreciation to each and every member of the MOAB community together with their family and friends, for their unwavering support and cooperation. Thank you very much for dedicating a huge chunk of your time and energy, for the overall success of the events. You guys are the best! And that was a wrap for the Malindang Enduro 2017. Thank you very much everyone and God bless us all!

Race Photos

After Movie