2nd Mangima Enduro Challenge 2018

Mangima is located at Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon also known as the Baguio of the South, with all its zigzaging roads, steep cliffs, and breath-taking vistas! Located along the Mangima Canyon and road known as the Kennon Road by the South, Mangima Canyon Springs and Country Park is a Local Government Unit-operated resort with an area of approximately 6 hectares of hills, mountains and flourishing trees, where the 2nd Mangima Enduro Challenge is held.

MOAB Represent 15 of our ENDURO team mates participated the 2nd Mangima Enduro Challenge last March 11, 2018. The 5 grueling stages with dusty mangima stones led us to rode by instinct, wondering a bit about every little opening in the otherwise impenetrable landscape. Dropping into the more promising but seldom finding more than a quick drop down to a scratchy halt. It was of course pretty entertaining to ride in the chaos and to be able to use our experience as an extreme tester for skill, theories and to see what really really works equipment wise when the conditions are super foul! Looking back… we loved every bit of it, even and maybe especially driving ourselves to our own limit. We finished off the day with laughter, full of adrenaline and fun big thanks to Mr. Renax Lim for the awesome course definitely the best bike park in the region.

Thank you and congrats Mayor Clive D. Quiño & Team Cdo Bikelab headed by Mr. Renax Lim for the fun and successful event. Unlimited berms, drop offs, rockies and jumps is what makes Mangima, Manolo Fortich is one of the best destination for Enduro Biking in Mindanao. Thanks to all our team mates for the fun and adventure, specially to our President Mick Dinulos for always there for the team, to bro Jojo Cagaanan and Dodge Cagaananthanx for your support for the team and our ever supportive Vincent Ocampos as our team technical assitance and to Jeffrey Jeprox Hernandoas our team support crew and of-course to our ever supportive families for letting us join the event and to God be all the glory and praise. Until next race team MOAB.

Video Blog by Michael Unsay

Highlights: Mayor Clive D. Quiño Mangima Enduro Challenge 2

Race Photos